#xcol is an open anthropological infrastructure for the research of novel modes of ethnographic fieldwork. It is a research project and a pedagogic program that seeks to intervene in current forms of ethnographic practice and learning.

Anthropology has historically consolidated its ethnographic mode of knowledge production around participant observation, a practice according to which the anthropologist has to be socially involved in the setting he/she is researching while being detached enough to establish the appropriate observational conditions. Experimental collaboration proposes a displacement in the fieldwork practice; it is an ethnographic mode whose epistemic practice for knowledge production is experimental (not only observational) and whose social mode of engagement is collaborative (not only participative). We use the concept of experimental collaboration to describe particular forms of ethnographic engagement that explore modes of fieldwork beyond participant observation and propose it as a research program to design new fieldwork devices for ethnography.

Book launch events

#xcol-book launch event_4 Madrid, November/December 2018 – Por confirmar | TBC

#xcol-book launch event_3 Granada, 4.9.2018 17-18:30h. Conversation with Prof. Aurora Álvarez Veinguer (Social Anthropology, Granada) at the 4th AIBR International Conference of Anthropology, Granada (Spain)

#xcol-book launch event_2 Berlin, 3.7.2018, 12-14h. ‘Ethnographic Experimentation: An Inventory of Fieldwork Devices‘, Humboldt University of Berlin’s Department of European Ethnology Seminar Series ‘Conjunctures & Creations: Anthropological Transformations/Transforming Anthropology’. Moderated by Prof. Ignacio Farías.

#xcol-book launch event_1 Barcelona, 3 de mayo de 2018, 18–20h. ‘Colaboraciones experimentales. Un inventario de dispositivos para la etnografía contemporánea‘ Lugar: Departament d’Antropologia Social, Universitat de Barcelona (Aula 207, 2º piso de la Facultat de Geografia i Història) – Organizado por el Grup de treball sobre Antropologia, Imatge i Cultura Visual (IVAC) de l’ICA y el Grup de Recerca en Antropologia i Pràctiques Artístiques (GRAPA)