An Ethnographic Inventory

Call for Inventions

In our first Call for Inventions (CfI) we are particularly aiming to inventory accounts of ‘field devices: the inventive social and material arrangements undertaken, created, made or repurposed in the course of doing fieldwork with others.

What we have in mind are texts of at least 2000 words accounting for these field devices in at least two senses: (1) fleshing out the context as well as the social and material arrangements of particular ‘field devices’ as they are put into practice in empirical situations; and (2) hinting at the particular modes of ethnographic inquiry they enable or make emerge.

We particularly welcome texts experimenting with genres in between recipes or instruction manuals and ethnographic descriptive accounts.

Deadline: February 18, 2022

You can check here for the full content of the call, as well as examples and guidelines to prepare your proposal!

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