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CfP | Bureaucratic reinventions: The more-than-market arrangements of public action

At a time when market logics have become the hegemonic operating rationale of many governments, urban bureaucracies seem to be undergoing a profound process of reinvention: from participatory budgeting or community involvement in policymaking to co-creation competitions and citizen laboratories that expand the range of knowledge and sensibilities in urban governance. These bureaucrats appear no longer as sinister machinic operators of Kafkaesque state violence, but as hopeful and flexible practitioners promoting many forms of public good. In what ways are these bureaucratic reinventions more conducive to the public good than the actions of the market? Also, what do these places mean for the ways in which we might study them?

Staging complexity

In contrast with more conventional approaches to the uses of theatre for the public engagement with science and technology (e.g. pedagogical approaches to science communication), contemporary forms of participatory, community, interactive or digital theatre have also served as relevant arenas for projects searching to activate publics through agonistic and complex encounters with contemporary technoscientific issues. This was the case of Enacting Innovation, a performance that crystallises a dialogue between social scientists and theatre professionals working in the vicinity of STS in which that seek to 'stage complexity' and the paradoxes of otherwise repetitive innovation scripts.

Antropologías multimodales: más que texto

La antropología multimodal propone un programa que especula con las formas posibles de indagación antropológica y que a través de gestos inventivos contribuye a renovar la relevancia del oficio antropológico. La reflexión que propone hace uso de la particular condición hipermediada de nuestra época tratando de superar la fijación disciplinar con lo textual para experimentar con las formas de representación, análisis e indagación. A través de ellos, los antropólogos se abren a nuevos lenguajes, formatos y otros modos de indagación.

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Antropologías multimodales

La antropología multimodal propone un programa a través del cual la disciplina se abre a la invención de formas de expresión y representación, de relación y producción de conocimiento a través de múltiples modos relacionales y representacionales que van más allá de lo textual. A través de ellos, los antropólogos y antropólogas exploran otros modos de indagación, se abren a nuevos lenguajes y formatos para expresar su conocimiento y son capaces de interpelar a públicos amplios y diversos.

Playing with method

How could games redevelop our repertoires of ethnographic representation and intervention? What vocabularies and considerations might allow us to unfold their full potential as relevant ethnographic or peri-ethnographic genres?

Review of multimodal projects

In anthropological training it is customary to learn to value many genres of textual production: indeed, book reviews and review articles set the grounds for empirical and conceptual discussions on a wide variety of ethnographic projects in conventional written forms. However, multimodal projects pose singular challenges for their description. Searching to find ways to learn to appreciate these projects, this section reviews multimodal projects. In it we explore ways to accurately describe them, paying special attention to their multi-media and socio-material arrangements, as well as finding ways to discuss and value what modalities of inquiry they bring forth.