An Ethnographic Inventory
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Care review

A modality of ‘peer review’ undertaken with care searching to be as inclusive as possible, leaving no one behind: that is, a mode of reviewing so as to take care of our peers, not to engage in judgemental forms of revision but to take care of each one’s contributions, taking the time and the effort so that each contribution can develop into its own best version for the intended audience. Care review is an essential aspect for ethnographic invention, as this sometimes entails going beyond disciplinary boundaries, or even engaging in interdisciplinary and adisciplinary settings inviting us to experiment with the norm and form of ethnography. The origins of this term stem from the encounters of the Spanish STS network. In the context of this platform, care review undergirds our editorial policy: “We publish everything, because we review with care!”.

Source: Care review: Cuidados para encuentros académicos