An Ethnographic Inventory
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In the language of this platform prototypes are open-ended material experiments in anthropological practice at the hinges of the ethnographic, usually involving the exploratory articulation and redefinition of relations and modes of togetherness.

We draw inspiration from anthropological work on prototypes and prototyping culture, delineating both an “epistemic object and an epistemic culture” (cf. Corsín Jiménez, 2014: 382) characterised by open-ended creations whose different drafts and non-final versions, incorporating “failure as a legitimate and very often empirical realisation” (ïbid: 381), whose open documentation makes them exist as peculiar “inscriptive objects … that hold within various biographical, techno-scientific and cultural lines of flight” (íbid. 383).


Corsín Jiménez, A. (2014). Introduction. The prototype: more than many and less than one. Journal of Cultural Economy, 7(4), 381–398.