An Ethnographic Inventory

Re-enactment for Nothing – A Recipe

How to do ethnography through (epistemic) love letters

CLEENIK – Clinic of anthropological ethnographic experiments

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The Lab is not Blah: Academic encounters, venues to re-train ourselves

Meetings are, together with papers and books, perhaps the quintessential mechanism for the circulation of academic knowledge. And yet, despite their relevance, we usually resort to the most conventional formats: paper presentations, round tables, etc. Nevertheless, anthropology has recently recognised the need to explore other ways of sharing our knowledge and thinking together. We strongly believe that formats to share and think together should be considered as part and parcel of a discussion on ethnographic experimentation. We argue for the need to document these ‘experiments in meeting’ so that they may travel, be learnt and reproduced elsewhere.

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Playing with method

How could games redevelop our repertoires of ethnographic representation and intervention? What vocabularies and considerations might allow us to unfold their full potential as relevant ethnographic or peri-ethnographic genres?