An Ethnographic Inventory

Martín Pérez Comisso

Martín Pérez Comisso (he/his/him) is the Coordinator of Inter and Transdisciplinary Projects in the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Chile. His work on sociotechnical knowledge integrates the ways of anticipatory and speculative knowledge in Latin America, integrating a variety of emerging modes of participatory knowledge production such as Open and Citizen Science, Speculative design, and literature for expanding alternatives to current modes of knowledge production, to democratize and revalue Latin American science and technology studies.

As a Science and Technology Scholar, Martin also contributes to civic society as a member of Wikimedia Chile, producing actions on the framing of “Making and Doing” in different matters of interest and collaborating with colleagues in public and private settings looking for expanding technoscientific governance in Chile and Latin America. A large matter of interest to him is the development of new learning trajectories about science and technology using active learning and decolonial pedagogies to enable learners of different stages (high school, college, teachers, early scientists, and decision-makers) to use more responsible and intentional their knowledge for social good.

More information in www.mapc.tech and in X, @mapc

Inventions by Martín Pérez Comisso

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