An Ethnographic Inventory

Ezequiel Soriano Gómez

Ezequiel Soriano Gómez is an anthropologist and artist. He works about internet, folklore and appropriation through ethnography, artistic experimentation and post-digital publishing. He manages the publishing lab Artefactos Nativos, a publishing project whose aim is to print the internet. He has carried out research and experimentation projects in communication and digital folklore at Santa Mònica Arts Center, Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and La Escocesa; and he has developed workshops and uncreative marathons at Can Felipa, Fabra i Coats, alRaso (UGR) and ArtLibris. He is currently a PhD researcher at Mediaccions (UOC) and an artist in residence at La Escocesa (Barcelona) and Sala d’art Jove (Barcelona).

Inventions by Ezequiel Soriano Gómez

How to do it lowkey in a meme ethnography