An Ethnographic Inventory

Melanie Garland

Melanie Garland is a professional artist, heritage restorer, and currently a PhD candidate at Humboldt University’s institute of European Ethnology and Anthropology. Her research topics are migration, art of resistance, postcolonial studies, and decolonial practices through artistic and ethnographic methods. Since 2010, she is interested in the relationship between art, heritage, migration and anthropology, working with artistic practices such as installation, sonority, participatory art, art action, and performative process. Currently, all her artistic work is focused on her PhD project, where she researches how to engage multi-sensory and collaborative practices to expand beyond the violence of ethnographic display traditions. More information here www.melaniegarland.com

Inventions by Melanie Garland

How can artist’s diaries be devices for fieldwork?

How can sonority be a device for fieldwork?