An Ethnographic Inventory

Maka Suárez

I am an assistant professor at the department of social anthropology at the University of Oslo. My work moves across political, economic, and multimodal anthropology. The book manuscript I’m currently completing is about the lives of Latin American migrants who reoriented political mobilizations in Europe in the face of over-indebtedness and home eviction. Following housing struggles and creative forms of collective organizing against indebtedness in Spain for the past decade, I ethnographically document the making of transnational financial capitalism and the potential for emancipatory democratic transformation.

I’m also developing new research projects at the interfaces of socio-ecological knowledge cocreation, science and technology studies, and the potential of more-than-textual spaces for decolonial hermeneutics —such as EthnoData, a platform I coproduced to build accessibility to data with the Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography – Kaleidos at the University of Cuenca, Ecuador which I cofounded. I am also an activist with La PAH.

Inventions by Maka Suárez

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