An Ethnographic Inventory

Julio Paulos

Julio Paulos is Associate Director, Research at the Future Cities Lab (FCL) Global at the Swiss Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich.¬† With an interdisciplinary background in humanities and social sciences, Julio’s interests are shaped by curiosity about how cities are governed and thought. His professional and academic engagements have spanned a range of topics, disciplines and geographies, all of which are related to the urban challenges of our time. Situated at the intersection of Urban Studies, Planning Theory and STS, Julio’s research is particularly invested in problematising the political and democratic challenges posed by urban transformations. He is one of the editors of Relational Planning: Tracing Artefacts, Agency and Practices (Springer, 2018): a collection framing planning as a socio-material practice taking place within the multifaceted relations between artefacts, agency and practices; a hybrid, distributed and situational practice.

Xpositions by Julio Paulos

CfP | Bureaucratic reinventions: The more-than-market arrangements of public action

At a time when market logics have become the hegemonic operating rationale of many governments, urban bureaucracies seem to be undergoing a profound process of reinvention: from participatory budgeting or community involvement in policymaking to co-creation competitions and citizen laboratories that expand the range of knowledge and sensibilities in urban governance. These bureaucrats appear no longer as sinister machinic operators of Kafkaesque state violence, but as hopeful and flexible practitioners promoting many forms of public good. In what ways are these bureaucratic reinventions more conducive to the public good than the actions of the market? Also, what do these places mean for the ways in which we might study them?