An Ethnographic Inventory

Carmen Lozano Bright

Carmen Lozano Bright (she/her) is an assistant researcher at xcol. An Ethnographic Inventory and member of the CareNet-IN3 group (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) since 2023. She has a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and a transdisciplinary background as a cultural mediator and journalist, working in the gaps between cultural institutions, collaborative practices and social research. She has worked around a range of topics including communal life, migrations, memory and minor narratives.

Her interest in collaborative practices around urban interventions led her to curate P2P Practices: A Southern European Network (2015), a collection of inquiries about the city as a common. She was part of the fieldwork team (2019-2020) for Spain of Counting the Dead: How Registered Deaths of Migrants in the Southern European Sea Border Provide Only a Glimpse of the Issue, a research lead by the ICRC on migrant people’s deaths in the coastal fringes of Southern Europe.

Co-curator of the xcol inventory.