FS6Z344DAdolfo Estalella, PhD is an anthropologist and profesor ayudante doctor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. His two fields of research are Anthropology of Knowledge and Science and Technology Studies (STS). His recent work is focused in the study of digital cultures and forms of grassroots urbanism. He is interested in civic projects and activist initiatives that intervene in the city, more specifically I investigate two aspects of this forms of urban experimentation: the material infrastructures mobilized to refurnishing the public space and the epistemic practices and learning contexts through which knowledge circulates. Two other topics of his interest are the methodological innovations of ethnography and research ethics.


Tomás Sánchez Criado, PhD is a social anthropologist with specialization in STS. Senior Researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin’s Institute of European Ethnology.  In the last years he has been developing a ‘how-to’ anthropology of inclusive urbanism and DIY ecologies of support, undertaking ethnographic and archival research on accessibility struggles and the design and maintenance of sidewalk democracy projects in Europe, with a special focus on Barcelona (Spain). He interested in the effects this particular activist culture around inclusive urbanism and DIY ecologies of support has on both (a) the education and sensibility of designers, requiring particular pedagogic experiments and situations to come to terms with bodily diversity and multi-sensory environments; and (b) ethnographic fieldwork practices and devices, leading social scientists not only to explore different forms of  ‘joint-problem making’ in the field, but also to experiment with meeting formats, types of records and accounts, for such an ethnographic engagement to matter in the search for a diverse common world.

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